Rewards Frequently Asked Questions


What is Friendly’s Cool Rewards?

Friendly’s Cool Rewards is our rewards program that allows you to earn rewards and offers throughout the year. Friendly’s Cool Rewards is offered via mobile app or by visiting our website. Our mobile app will have a number of great things including online ordering, so be sure to download and check it out.


Ok, How do I get started?  

It’s easy! Download the Friendly’s Cool Rewards app from the App Store or Google Play store and create your account. You can begin using the app immediately.  You can join through our website as well, and then simply give your phone number every time you visit.


How does Friendly’s Cool Rewards work?

A $5.00 reward will be loaded to your card every time your account reaches 75 points. There’s also a Free Ice Cream every time you purchase 10 ice creams in store. You will also receive a complimentary medium sundae on the first day of the month that your birthday falls, so long as you provide your birthdate at the time of registration.  In addition to all these great benefits, there will be tons of surprises and promotions throughout the year.


Can I have more than one Friendly’s Cool Rewards account?

Unfortunately, no. Multiple accounts used on the same device will not work with the rewards program. A guest with multiple accounts will be deactivated and/or banned from the rewards program. See Friendly’s Cool RewardsTM Terms & Conditions for details.


Why does the Friendly’s Cool Rewards app ask for my location information?

Your location information is needed to locate the restaurants nearest to you and make your search quick and easy.


What if I don’t have a mobile device or don’t want to have the Friendly’s Cool Rewards app on my phone?

You can participate in Friendly’s Cool Rewards on our website. https://friendlysrestaurants.com/rewards


How do you use my personal and purchase information?

We do not share your personal or purchase information. Purchase information is used to help us better provide you with offers and information you are interested in.


How do I use Cool Rewards and earn points

It’s super simple !

If you order online or through the mobile app, simply create an account and you will earn points for every order you place.  You can also redeem your rewards too !  Please note, if you place an online order as a guest you won’t receive the benefits.

If you are at a restaurant, you can either provide your phone number to the server, or press the CheckIn button in your mobile app and give the code to your server.  Both options will allow you to get points and redeem rewards when you dine with us.


I placed an online order but didn’t receive points. Why not?

You may not have received points for the following reasons:

  • Friendly’s Cool Rewards Account – you may not have created a Friendly’s Cool Rewards account on the online ordering website
  • Sign-in – You may not have been signed into your account at the time of purchase. Orders placed as “Guest” do not earn points. If you are not signed in, points cannot be posted to your account.
  • You purchased a gift card – gift cards are not eligible to earn points.


How do I know how many points I have earned?

You can check your account balance at any time by opening the Friendly’s Cool Rewards app and by viewing the progress bar. Do I earn points on delivery?

No, just food and drinks. Delivery is not included and points cannot be earned on delivery charges.


My receipt was for higher than the points I received, why?

You earn points on all pre-tax sales and not the receipt total (which includes tax).  Any discounts applied to the check, do not get points.


Can I give the cashier my phone number to apply my points to account?

Yes! Provide the phone number you used to register your account with.


Besides points, are there other ways to get free food and discounts?

From time to time we provide special rewards and offers for our members. Be sure to open the emails we send you as well for more deals.


Redeeming Rewards


I earned a $5 reward, how do I redeem it?

Same way that you earn points.  You can redeem when placing an online order or ordering with the mobile app.  If you are in store provide your server with your phone number or CheckIn code from the mobile app, and let them know you want to redeem your rewards !


My purchase total is less than my $10 reward. Can I redeem part of it now and the rest later?

Yes, you can use part of your reward and the balance will be saved to your account for redemption towards a future purchase.


Do my rewards expire?

Yes, all rewards expire, although we do our best to give you enough time to redeem. You can check your account for current rewards and view expiration dates.