Marketing Policy

For Over 70 years...

Friendly's has been a place in the community where families can connect over a snack or a meal. With great food and the best homemade ice cream, Friendly's has built life-long friendships through its commitment to making every guest feel welcome and serving them quality food. Friendly's encourages and supports moderate food and drink consumption as part of a healthy, active and balanced lifestyle.


Marketing Policy Guidelines

Our Marketing policy will be reviewed by senior management to ensure the elements are appropriately followed and enforced throughout the company:

  • Advertising will reflect moderation in consumption and portion sizes.
  • The Nutrition and Allergens profile of all advertised food and drink products will be made easily available to consumers.

Children’s Marketing Policy Guidelines

Taking into full consideration industry best practices and elements from The Children’s Advertising Review Unit’s Self-Regulatory Program for Children’s Advertising, our marketing program to children 12 and under:

  • Will reflect the understanding of the limited knowledge, experience, sophistication and maturity of the audience to which our message is directed
  • Will be truthful and accurate, and will not mislead about benefits from use of the product being marketed.
  • Will reflect that parents and other appropriate adult role models should guide what children eat and drink.
  • Will be presented in a way to encourage moderate, reasonable consumption habits and a balanced, healthy lifestyle.
  • Will not depict snack foods as meals.
  • When marketing online, will comply with COPPA, (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act) including obtaining prior parental consent before collecting information from children.