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Friendly’s Commits to Cage-Free Shelled Eggs


Friendly’s Commits to Cage-Free Shelled Eggs

Friendly’s is proud to announce that we have committed to moving forward with plans to purchase only cage-free shelled eggs by 2026. This transition period, which reflects the industry standard, will best allow us to promote sustainable business practices, while ensuring that the longstanding relationships with our supply partners remain strong.

This announcement is only the latest in a series of changes we’re implementing as we strive to be the best Friendly’s we can be. Over the last three years, Friendly’s has improved its overall guest experience through a variety of initiatives, including updating menu items, retraining and recertifying crew members, and refreshing the interiors and exteriors of all its restaurants.

We have experienced a brand renaissance over the last three years and in 2015 we once again became a company that’s growing. We’ve opened several new restaurants in Massachusetts and New Jersey and we’ve introduced drive-thru windows at a number of our restaurants, which have been a huge hit with guests. In fact, they’ve been so popular that we plan to add at least a dozen more next year.

Friendly’s is a place to go every day for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or ice cream. Our motto is “life with extra sprinkles,” and that’s what we give to our guests every time they visit one of our restaurants.