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Media Statement Regarding Kids Meals

Recent media accounts have highlighted the caloric value of our Mac & Cheese Quesadilla with added Friendly Frank, menu item on the Friendly’s kids menu, which includes a soda and ice cream dessert.  We’d like to point out that we offer parents a range of choices that can produce a healthier meal for their child.  For example, you can order a grilled cheese sandwich with mandarin oranges or broccoli, a diet Coke, and a non-fat vanilla yogurt sundae with strawberry topping for less than 600 calories.  Customers can choose from a range of sides including fruit, vegetables and salads to reduce the calorie count of their meals.  Not only do we provide customers with these choices, but we also make full nutritional information available for all menu items to help them make informed decisions.  We will continue to offer customers plenty of healthier choices including many for kids.  It is part of the reason we have had a loyal following for over 75 years.