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awesomesauce steak tips

america's best grilled cheese

breakfast sliders

Served with home fries.

banana split sundae

Contains walnuts

breakfast sliders

Sandwich your appetite between 2 mini Brioche buns filled with a hearty portion of scrambled eggs, American cheese, and Applewood-smoked bacon. Served with your choice of home fries or grilled breakfast potatoes with peppers and onions


Wake up to toasted sourdough, 2 eggs cooked over easy, crispy Applewood-smoked bacon, fresh lettuce, slices of vine-ripe tomatoes and a dollop of mayo.

barking pretzel

blueberry muffin top pancakes

This will blue you away. Get 3 fluffy pancakes filled with plump, wild blueberries, topped with our house-made crumb topping and extra blueberries, served together with your choice of Applewood- smoked bacon or sausage

boneless wings

bone-in wings

beef aloha stir-fry

captain's platter

citrus glazed salmon

cajun jazz pasta

chicken cheddar bacon bomber

center court turkey club sandwich

double sliders

Choose a side!

friendly's® pattymelt®

friendly frank

fried clam strip basket

grilled chicken bacon ranch quesadilla

grilled cheddar jack chicken

hunka chunka PB fudge® lava cake

Peanut butter filled warm chocolate cake, framed by 3 scoops of Hunka Chunka PB Fudge ice cream, topped with peanut butter, chocolate chips and REESE'S PEANUT BUTTER CUP.

meat lovers breakfast bowl

Everything you want in one place. Choose 2 eggs, with Applewood-smoked bacon, sausage, ham and home fries. We’ll top it with Monterey Jack and Cheddar cheese and you’ll dig in.

mini mozz sticks

mac & cheese

Choose a side!

mac & cheese

mini mozz sticks

philly cheese steak wrap

Your favorite omelet, now travel sized! Get eggs, shaved sirloin, sautéed peppers, onions, and melted American cheese wrapped in a tomato tortilla. Top it off with your choice of home fries or grilled breakfast potatoes with peppers and onions.

pastrami SuperMelt

raspberry sherbet

silver dollar pancakes

Choose bacon or sausage.

smashed classic burger

sweet & savory marionberry grilled cheese

strawberry shortcake sundae

Berry nice, berry nice indeed. Slip into our new Strawberry Shortcake Sundae made from the perfect combination of shortcake and vanilla ice cream drizzled with fresh strawberry topping and covered in whipped cream.­

shrimp aloha stir-fry

tuna roll

vermonter burger

vanilla peachberry jubilee

worms & dirt friend-z

Soft vanilla ice cream blended with OREO Cookie Pieces and sour gummy worms

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